Intonation of practice room pianos

taking a break


taking a break


"asexuals can and often do enjoy sex, attraction and libido are different!" yea that’s nice, but let’s not ignore the fact that the majority of aces ARE sex-aversive. like can we pls not make the ace community as sex normative as literally every other single fucking community out there. can we please.

im ashamed soooo homestuck doodle under cut

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i found a karezi mix and im still not over karezi. damn you homestuck you fucking trash

*puts headphones on* time to listen to jams

*forgets about playing music and keeps headphones on in silence for 2 hours*



There was nothing I could’ve done.


self-confidence is knowing that it’s a fact that you’re cool, pretty, talented, overall amazing. its even going as far to say that your beauty can cause wars and you’re allowed to have extremely high standards and be ‘high maintenance’. it’s crucial to have self-confidence and it’s admirable to have a ton of it

conceited (arrogance too) is putting down other people down to feel that way.

it’s fucking rare and usually used to limit girl’s self-confidence